Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Having a dirty vent in your home or office can be a great idea until you neglect the fact that it needs to be cleaned and you are faced with a potential fire hazard. Reports have shown that a lot of household fires have been caused by dusty or lint-filled dryer ducts.

If not corrected when needs be, you can be assured of further damages to your home, energy-wasting as well as losing money on persons who may be scamming you. A dryer that is connected to a duct which is messy will also not work effectively.

Needing to unplug your dryer more often than you need to because it keeps “malfunctioning”? Then chances are it needs to be cleaned thoroughly and by a team of experts who knows their job well.

Dangers of Clogged Dryer Vents - No matter the appliance or fixtures you have, they have the possibility to malfunction at certain intervals. However, don’t just focus on the fact that they can be a hazard to you and those around you but also for the fact that it can save your life. You also need to focus on preventative measures to reduce the risks of any problems being developed. Bear in mind that your dryer serves a lot of purposes such as providing hot or warm and moist air to engulf the room it is in as well as confine the exhausted air in any given room.

Not being mindful of the fact that the vent is clogged can cause fires to your home. When not cleaned, it is put under pressure to exhaust the air needed and the force causes it to become tense. As the pressure mounts, it is forced to use more energy even which does not exist and overload the system. Based on a report made in 2010/2011, it showed that an average of two in twenty-five fires are caused by clogged dryer vents.

Your dryer vent is critical as it saves you a lot including your life. But what are the warning signs that your vent is clogged or messed up and needs to be cleaned? There are some simple ways to identify including:

When you notice the air being released is not as hot - Your vent needs urgent attention if you realize the air being pushed out is not as hot as it out to be. The clogging will cause the heat to be trapped in the system and once that happens, it will store too much heat and might explode.

You smell a burning scent - During use, if you happen to smell a slight burning scent coming from your vent, then it is highly possible that your vent needs cleaning. Lint is an excessively flammable elements and once it comes in contact with the high, it can cause a fire. Emptying your lint tube often can reduce the chances of a hazard.


With our cleaning process, we guarantee you of the results you are looking for with the most efficient services. We use the best methods including surety of protecting your property by first powering off and disconnecting all connecting devices. We will take into consideration the type of vent you use, have our technical team assess the issue and carry out the necessary vacuuming services that needs to be done. We carefully remove, cleanse and replace all properties associated with your vent, to include dust, grim, lint and other debris which may have been gathered. We clean all creases of your vents and also install the relevant odor concealer for your safety.

We are a team of experienced and qualified dryer vent de-clogging professionals who is able to correct all issues you may face. Whether you are seeking services for minor or major cleaning, other assistance with dryer vent cleaning in Aurora, CO or simply needing general information and guidance, we are here to help you. Reach out to us via multiple options, telephone or email and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.