Denver Chimney Sweepers

Chimney Sweeping Denver

Many Denver-area residents depend on fireplaces for warmth during Colorado’s cold winter months. A fireplace not only efficiently warms the home, but it also adds a special ambiance that creates lasting memories for families. But, as magnificent as the fireplace is, it also adds a layer of fire danger to the home. It’s important to call us ot for chimney sweeping Denver to prevent the risks and keep your home and family safe all season long. Soot is one of the biggest concerns for fireplace owners. As the fire burns, soot collects in the chimney and flue, where it causes an increased risk of fire. Our team of chimney sweeping Denver professionals takes care of those concerns, efficiently cleaning the chimney, removing all presence of soot. When we’re finished, your fireplace is again the perfect gathering spot for all your family’s special memories. Let us improve your fireplace safety and peace of mind.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We need our dryers to dry our clothes after a wash. And they do a great job of that cycle after cycle. But over time, the dryer vents accumulate lint, dirt, and other debris that causes them to clog, malfunction, and, you guessed it, cause a risk of fire. This accumulated debris increases the risk that the dryer will catch fire. It’s important to schedule a dryer vent cleaning Denver no less than once per year, although you may find it beneficial more often in some cases. Why increase your risk of a house fire when dryer vent cleaning Denver reduces the risks and keeps everyone in the home safe? Our fast, efficient service thoroughly cleans your dryer vents, leaving no trace of debris or lint behind. The result is a smooth-operating dryer free of fire risks.

Air-Duct Cleaning Denver

The EPA says that indoor air is 3-4x more polluted than outdoor air, putting your family at risk for breathing issues like asthma, as well as allergies and other upper respiratory concerns. It is important to keep your air quality as high as possible to prevent many illnesses and health concerns and to ensure that everyone in the home is comfortable. How do you improve the air quality in your home? It’s as simple as air duct cleaning Denver service. Air duct cleaning removes all the harmful particles that have built up within the ducts of the home. Ordinarily, these particles are blown into the air by your HVAC unit, where everyone in the family suffers. Our air duct cleaning Denver service removes these pollutants and clears the ducts so everyone enjoys crisper, fresher, cooler, more breathable indoor air.

Chimney Repair

Leaky chimneys cause more calls to our office than other types of damage but rest assured we have experts on hand who offer chimney repair Denver for minor and major problems alike. It is important to quickly repair your chimney if it springs a leak or there is another trouble. This can quickly damage the structure and the interior of the home. A damaged chimney may crumble from its structure, cause a fire, or cause other mishaps that love you in danger. We’ll take care of the chimney repair Denver so it’s not a concern or worry and longer.

Call Aurora Chimney Sweep to schedule any of the above services and improve the safety, the ambiance and the efficiency of your home.