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If you're a homeowner, renter responsible for home maintenance, or interested in how to properly maintain a chimney on any type of building, then please continue reading through our article below.

Conducting routine maintenance on a chimney is extremely important, when the urban areas were becoming more developed and industrialized, the increase in the number of homes having chimneys started to grow. With this, came the need for chimney sweep specialists who were sought after to clean clogged chimney channels.

The process of chimney sweep in Aurora Colorado involves clearing and/or removing ashes and soot from chimneys and preparing the area to be used again. The right tools (though not technical) must be used in order to get the job done effectively so as to not leave any residue that can affect further burning of firewood.

Though it may seem pretty simple to just brush some ash out, it involves some proper cleaning or hard to reach areas to have your burning pit running clearly. The person who specializes in chimney sweeping is known as a chimney sweep.

What is involved in chimney sweeping? Chimney sweep in Aurora as noted involves more than just grabbing a broom to dust the excess ashes out. It rather involves the use of technical and experienced personnel to reach in and clean the critical areas of the fireplace and ensuring no extra residue is left uncleansed.

During the cleaning processes, it involves ensuring all measures are put in place to reduce any further damage to other fixtures you may have in the surrounding area.

Many people are of the perception that once a fireplace is not burning wood, then there may be no need to sweep. But there is where you have it wrong, sweeping your chimney at least one to two times per year will improve the way your fireplace burns as well as the quality of air it exhausts.

The sweeping process helps to reduce the buildup of creosote and other debris which may be harmful to your health. Also, the status of the functioning of your chimney depends on how efficiently it is cleaned, thus the need to have someone experienced in the field do it for you.

chimney sweep is also a must do for persons preparing to rid their homes of the extra cold that the winter season brings on.

Our Chimney Sweep services in Aurora Colorado, We offer a quality chimney cleaning service that you can trust and one that gets the job done right the first time.


    We Offer -

    Soot removal:  we provide a thorough cleaning service that flushes the entire chimney and remove unwanted soot that may have been gathered over time.

    Blockages: We also flush your chimney channel to remove any possible blockages which may have been deposited either from a mold created from moist that seeped through uncovered chimney crown.  

    Short-term sweep services:  We offer a service that is almost second to none as we put our mind to achieving the task with a genuine feat. We ensure our team of specialists are knowledgeable of all aspects of chimney sweeping so they know how to approach any task they are given.
    Why choose us? We are a team that prides in providing nothing but quality services. Contracting our team to do your chimney sweep services will provide you with:

    Experienced and trained professionals - The chimney sweep process does involve lots of technicalities and as such, we ensure our team is fully versed on how to do the job and also how to use the right tools that are state of the art and modern. With each new development (different chimney styles and designs), our team is fully knowledgeable.

    Flexible Service - Do you have an immediate need to get your chimney system thoroughly cleaned but have a tight deadline to do so? Well, you can reach out to us for a fast turnaround on getting the job done. We will ensure we take all the details and fully prepare ourselves to complete the task as needed. We also offer long-term sweeping services with one to two times annual cleaning. You don’t need to remind us as we will be there on time.

    Cost-effective packages - Are you on a tight budget but faced with a malfunctioning chimney while the cold and/or wet season on its way? We know the feeling and have a package to suit your pocket. We offer partial or full service that sees us not moving on until your chimney is practically brand new.

    You are free to call us for a quote today and we will be on our way to bring joy into your home again. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you get your chimney inspected at least once a year as part of a routine and proper building maintenance plan.
    Inspections can lead to discovering small flaws in your chimney that if fixed or corrected early on could save you from having to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars down the road after the problem has become far worse.