Air Duct Cleaning

clean my air ducts

Air duct cleaning in Aurora Colorado is more than simply wiping with a damp cloth or using a brush to get rid of those dust you see lingering around. Though in its early stages of the cleaning process, it was believed to not be of any health benefit but as time goes by, it all changed to something different than initially thought. In most cases, many people do a general inspection of their ducts to see the extent of the particulars which may have been gathered (which really in itself) cannot necessarily determine whether or not you must clean. It is highly recommended that you seek a professional to assist you in assessing the extent of the problem and also to guide you on how often to clean.

Though most air ducts don’t directly affect people, its underlying damages are harmful as the particles that are released or that which escapes can cause breathing problems or affect those already suffering from it. An important factor to consider is the fact that the air duct captures a mixture of dust which is formulated from different elements such as smoke, chemicals and more.

When to make a decision whether to hire an air duct cleaner? Whether you believe it or not, your air ducts must be cleaned as selected intervals for your short-term and long-term benefits. But what factors do you believe will convince you that your ducts need to be cleaned? Here are a few ways to help you decide when you need to contact the services of an air duct cleaner or cleaning agency.

There is visible mold - For surfaces such as metals or other material-made air ducts, you need to inspect to ensure there is no mold or other particles lodging on the various components of the heating and cooling system. Though there are areas which cannot be seen without the aid of a specialist, these molds do exist and needs to be removed.

However, overlooking a few spots detailing it could possibly be a mold, cannot be directly identified unless with the assistance of trained microbiologists or experts of similar nature. The mold though suggestive may not be as harmful, one must consider the fact that the environmental elements that created the mold can be devastating. Please note also, if you live in an environment where the weather condition is mostly moist, the duct may “sweat” or become “damp” and leave the molds when dried.

Ducts may have been infested with vermin - Do you suspect your air ducts may have been infested with elements such as rodents or insects because you see them or evidence that they were there? Then, you need to consult the services of an expert to clean the vent to reduce any further damages which may be developed.


    When clogged dust are being released into the home - Do you notice your environment is becoming a bit dusty or otherwise because your air vent may be full? Then this is a clear sign that it needs to be cleaned. The excessive clogging of dust or other particles can be harmful to those who suffer from breathing issues if released into the open air.

    The process of cleaning your air ducts is quite simply yet can be technical for someone who don’t know how it works. For our team of professionals, we will do the complete cleaning process for you and ensure it is done with efficiency. Our process of cleaning is quite easy to use as we:

    1. First assess the extent of the works you need to be done, test to ensure your system is working and/or in proper operation, we will disconnect the power (for safety). We will then initiate vacuuming the interior sections of the duct, as well as other interior features.
    2. Clean interior grills and ceiling/floor registers.
    3. We will remove the air ducts and with our efficient tools and equipment, we will clean and decontaminate the clean ducts.
    4. Our final step in the cleaning process involves installing odor control products that will last even for months.

    Why choose us for your Air Duct Cleaning in Aurora CO? Without bragging, we can assure you of a service that will provide you with the desired results you are looking for. We offer timely, cost-effective and flexible cleaning services that speak volume to the quality services we offer. Speaking with a customer service representative will help you through the process of contracting our expert specialists to getting the job done.