How often should I get a chimney sweep?

how often should i sweep my chimney

Chimneys are an important part of your house and should be treated as well as you do the other areas in terms of caring, maintenance and general up keep. How often you need to clean your chimneys really depends on the type of chimney you have, the design and how often it is used.

However, bear in mind that even though it may not be used as often as you think, you still need to clean as unwanted residues may still get trapped in the channel and affect the way it functions.

Not all chimneys work the same as those designed with open crowns tend to need to be checked a little more often as it is more opened to changing conditions like the weather and climate.

Also, factors that help to initiate cleaning your chimneys includes animals and insects which gets trapped and may even die and block the channel way. The fireplace will not be as effective if debris are attached to the lining as well as it may not be good for your health.

Before you conduct a chimney sweep, there are a few things you must consider before you complete the activity. They may seem simple but they are the best options that will work out better for you in the long run especially if any problems develop. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • When you decide to hire a chimney sweep specialist, you must ensure you check their certification and legitimacy. This proves them to be a qualified and possibly experienced person for the job. A professional will be your only source to completing a quality job.


  • You can check if chimney sweep is available in the area you live or if it is covered under the home improvement act. This will be an assurance for you in the case your home or property gets affected in the process and you can make a claim.


  • Do an intensive check of your fireplace in the result of any damage visible after sweeping. There is a possibility that damages can occurred and as such, having an idea of what damages were present before sweeping (if any), will make resolutions less hassling in the case you need to make a claim for repair.

What is the best time to clean chimney? There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the time that one needs to sweep their chimney. However, there are certain clues you need to watch for that will determine the right time to contact your chimney sweeping specialist.



    These signs include:

    - Your fireplace not heating as much as it used to do.

    - There are fumes given off when your firewood is lit. When the chimney channel is not clear, you will realize when the heat goes through, it will give off a smoky smell or scent that is not usual.

    - Self inspects your chimney area. If you realize there is a downward flow of air, you may need to provide clear ventilation in the room where the fireplace is so it can direct the heat back upwards.

    Dos and Don’ts of Chimney Sweeping

    Fireplaces can be a devastating thing if you are not careful. Based on reports, fireplaces and chimneys are known as a hazard and starting point for a lot of house fires. However, there are a few guidelines you can follow that will help you from becoming another statistic of a house fire in your region. Here are some simple dos and don’ts you can follow:

    --- Don’t allow the wood to be burned for long periods. Make sure the fire is completely out before you go out or go to bed. If there is even a small flicker of flame, it has the potential to reignite and can be disastrous.

    --- Don’t burn green or wet wood. Burning these types of wood can cause your chimney channel to develop creosote. Note to consider, creosote can be a dangerous chemical to have in your home.

    --- Do inspect and sweep your chimney regularly. Doing regular checks on your chimney can result in an efficient working system and also reduce or eliminate any developing issues.

    --- Do check your fire alarms regularly because if your chimneys are not functioning effectively, in the case of fire problems, the alarms may not work.